Canemania 2016, pictures and videos

The committee of Canemania 2016 warmly thanks all speakers for their presentation, the participants for their enthusiasm as well as those who allowed the taking or the shooting of images now on the website, in particular:

Stefan Gubler, Urs Grob and Franco Mettler, the musicians of Alt Sankt Johann, for having breathed new life into the cane-clarinet made by Ulrich Ammann in 1796;

Alain Hidber arms Master responsible for the Silver Sword, the Historic Section of the Geneva’s Fencing Society, and his assistants Svetlana Titova, Martial Laville and Mack Jablonski, for their theoretical and practical explanations on fighting canes;

Jacques-Michel Pittier curator of the Edouard-Marcel Sandoz Foundation, as well as Francis Rossignol of Parmigiani, for showing us this magnificent cane knob concealing a singing bird.

All contributed greatly to the success of this event!


Stück Ammann Klarinette

Stück Ammann Klarinette – part 2